"Artistry and elegance, rooted in tradition and authenticity!"

The history of the domaine traces back to 1992 when Domaine Charles Mortet was divided between Thierry and his brother Denis, leading Thierry to embark on his own winemaking journey with a humble 4 hectares of vines. Since then, his holdings have grown to encompass 7.3 hectares, with 6 hectares dedicated to red grape varieties and1.3 hectares to white varieties. While a portion of 4.36 hectares is reserved for prestigious appellations like Gevrey and Chambolle, the remaining parcels include smaller areas such as Marsannay Blanc and regional wines like Bourgogne Rouge and Blanc.

The terroir of the domaine is characterized by a combination of clay limestone, white marl, lava rock, and gravel, which contributes to the unique expression of the wines. Inside the cellar, modern equipment and facilities ensure optimal winemaking conditions.

The space is meticulously maintained, boasting cleanliness and the inviting aromas of new oak and fermenting wine. The percentage of new oak used in the aging process varies between 20 and 50 percent, depending on the specific cuvées. Thierry pays careful attention to barrel selection, striving for a harmonious interaction between the vines and the wood.

In the vineyard, Thierry leans towards traditional practices, favoring minimal intervention and adopting a gentle approach to plant care. Regular plowing helps aerate the soil, while meticulous pruning takes place during the summer. The commitment to organic farming began in 2007, with the official certification granted in 2010. Thierry’s dedication to organic practices ensures the preservation of the environment and the production of wines that reflect the authentic character of the terroir.
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